Top Food Processor For The Caveman In You

Cuisinart food processor reviewWhile it is fun and extremely manly to want to use a knife for everything you do in the kitchen, having a food processor is just smart. It can also be as much fun, or even more fun, as you get to use a power tool to chop and slice any type of food that you drop into it into tiny pieces. For those looking to up their game while they cook, the Cusinart DLC-2009CHB is a great choice. Not only does it have a robust motor, it delivers reliable performance to make quick work of even the toughest vegetables. There is nothing too manly about crying when you are trying to dice those onions, so getting a food processor can help you save face while you work…literally.

Ranked as the best food processor for 2016, this Cuisinart model has a lot of things going for it that have made it one of the top rated and best selling small kitchen appliances on the market. From its sleek styling to its stainless steel cutting discs, this machine has just about everything you need to save time while you cook. So what makes the 2009CHB so great?

Food Processor Features

If you want to purchase a smaller food processor, you should not skimp on power or features. This smaller kitchen machine is packed with outstanding features that might make it excellent for your kitchen. These include:

One-Piece Supreme Large Mouth Feed Tube

This nine-cup food processor may seem to have a small bowl at first glance; however, for most of us, the capacity best suits our cooking requirements. One thing that makes this bowl perfect is the Cuisinart’s supreme and big mouth feed tube. The tube is wide enough to handle full-sized vegetables and fruits with ease, including medium to small potatoes. This capability can incredibly minimize your food preparation time because it will be needless cutting your vegetables down to size prior to shredding or slicing.

One vital safety factor to consider when using any big mouth food processor feed tube is the fact that you must always use the food pusher and not other utensils or your finger. If you are not cautious, you could easily get severely injured. This limitation not only exists in the Cuisinart but also in all food-processing devices that have wide mouth openings. To help minimize the problem or eliminate the danger, Cuisinart has a pusher assembly that works easily and smoothly. The center tube in the assembly makes it easy to feed smaller items.

Small Size but Big Power

Though this food-processing machine has a small footprint, it is not a let down when it comes to power. It is powered by a 600-watt motor, which has the same size as many 10 and 12-cup food processors. Because of this, it never leaves its users short on power. Despite taking up less than one square foot on your countertop, this processor can still power through yeast dough using four cups of flour, sufficient to make three loaves of bread.

Ideally, it uses a simple control system using only three buttons; a pulse button, and the on switch and off switch buttons. Consider the pulse button when you want to use greater control of the slicing or mixing operations. When you possess a powerful food-processing machine, you need to have safety as well. Cuisinart is not only built in a secure dual cover but also features bowl interlock mechanism. Make sure the cover and bowl are securely locked on the bowl prior to using the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB.

Other Features

The Cuisinart box comes bundled with the common discs and blades you need for daily use. It has the multipurpose mixing and chopping blade, which probably you will use the most. This box also contains a medium shredding disc, which is ideal for shredding cheese for your Mexican food or pizza or potatoes for hash browns. There is also the medium slicing disc that slices apple and carrot beautifully, and will even slice a stick of salami or pepperoni perfectly well. The final attachment in this bundle is the dough blade, essential for baking bread or making pie dough.

Dimensions, Color Options and Weight

The size of this food processor is among the most impressive features of all. Its smaller size makes it suitable for many homeowners. Its physical specifications include:

o Width: 9.5 inches

o Height: 13 inches

o Depth: 7 inches

o Weight: 9 pounds (Base Unit)

o Shipping Weight: 31.4 pounds

o Color Options: Red, white, black, purple, blue and brushed stainless

The Pros and Cons of the DLC-2009CHB Food Processor


· Numerous color options allow you match the décor of your kitchen

· Powerful mixing, shredding and slicing discs with 600-watt motor

· High-quality user manual and training video

· Longest warranty and great customer assistance and support

· Easy storage and clean-up because all parts are dishwasher safe

· Incredible capacity and capability for a nine-cup food processor

· Sturdy bowl designed from shatterproof Lexan

· Small footprints make them perfect for small families and tight kitchens

· The large mouth feed tube allows you feed whole vegetables with ease


· Has no storage case

· Only has a ship-in warranty. No cross-ship option

· Liquid leakage has been reported

· Liquid capacity is excessively low: Only a maximum of six cups of thick liquid and three cups of thin liquid

· Sometimes, slicing leaves larger chunks fall through gaps, or even leaves uneven pieces


If you are a couple, a family of four or a single person, the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB is the ideal food-processing machine for your kitchen. The small size ensures easy storage for persons who do not have storage facilities in their kitchens or have tight apartment kitchens. Ideally, the combination of size, high quality and power makes it a stunning choice for many people

Take Advantage Of Kale By Getting A Juicer

juicing-kaleIf you want to feed your body with essentials minerals and nutrients, fight diseases and also promote your overall health, then it is prudent you get more kale into your diet. This is one of the new “superfoods” that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years as more people realize just what it can do for your body. If you do not feel like chewing like a grazing cow all day long, then you can use a juicer to get all of the vitamin goodness of kale into one glass and be done with it.

Health Benefits

By juicing kale, you will be unleashing all of its power that can provide the body with numerous health benefits. Due to its nutritional load, kale can improve the body in many different areas. Below are some of the ways that kale can impact your health.


Like any other cruciferous vegetable, kale is loaded with health-promoting antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. One of the phyto-nutrients contained in kale is called indole-3 carbinol. It has been proven by numerous studies to help reduce growth of malignant cells and also prevent the growth of tumors in blood vessels.

Vitamins and Minerals

The fact that human beings weren’t created to be herbivores means that your teeth aren’t designed to extract the numerous amounts of nutrients and minerals from kale and other vegetables. Considering that eating kale in its natural form hinders you from getting the essential minerals and nutrients in this vegetables, then it means that juicing kale come in handy. Juicing help extract all the vitamins and minerals in kale, hence offering a great way feeding your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Hormone Levels

Kale is a plentiful source of sulforaphane, which is an antioxidant compound that plays a role in keeping the estrogen levels under control at the same time boosting low estrogen levels. Sulforaphane is also a potential anti-cancer agent and can thus help fight different types of cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer in women.


There are a number of kale juicing recipes that can help you get the most from kale. Below are a couple of kale juicing recipes that you can try at home especially if you love juicing leafy vegetables.

Kape Kale Juice

This recipe contains Vitamins A, K and C. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and can therefore help fight inflammation naturally.


  • 3 medium carrots
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 3 cups of kale or 5 big leaves of kale
  • One medium to big apple

Tropical Kick

This kale juice recipe is a natural and highly effective remedy for dry skin. It also has other health benefits such as lower blood pressure and weight loss


  • 1 small, cleaned pineapple
  • 1/2 of English cucumber
  • 8 leaves of kale
  • 1 slice of lemon (optional)

Grapfruity Kale Korner

This kale juice recipe puts together the numerous health benefits of grapefruit and kale. It works to lower the levels of cholesterol in your blood and it can also help the body fight inflammation naturally.


  • 1 or 2 medium grapefruit
  • 10 leaves of kale
  • 5 small sweet apples

Buying A Juicer

masticating juicerJuicing is a great substitute for eating your vegetables, although the occasional fruit or veggie throughout the day is also good from some fiber. Juice extractors are able to remove the best part of different foods and deliver them to you in a more convenient and time friendly manner. They may seem like a hefty investment at first, but today’s best juicers are the perfect appliance for anyone who wants to improve their diet but just doesn’t have the time. Whether you get a masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicing machine, the results will be about the same and the impact on your overall health will be noticeable.

Cavemen are typically not big salad eaters, but they sure can chug down beverages. Why not combine that activity with the occasional glass of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. They make extremely fast juicers with powerful motors that any modern caveman would be proud to have in their kitchen, that way you can least hang your hat onto something as you doing something that is good for you. Go get a juicer and don’t look back.