The Breville 800JEXL Juices With Extreme Power

800jexl Breville juicer reviewFor the ultimate juicing power tool for the kitchen, the Breville 800JEXL delivers and exceptionally good juicing experience every caveman would love.  With stainless steel construction, and a robust motor under the hood, the 13000 rpm action is going to make juicing something that you are going to look forward to every morning.  There is nothing better than dropping in a hard vegetable only to hear it whiz through the cutting blade and have it be annihilated into a dry pulp.  It is also great at producing a healthy, delicious juice, but that is secondary to the fun of destroying your fresh produce.  If you are looking for a fast and fun juicer (albeit a bit loud) then this is the machine for you.

Features of the 800JEXL

Not only do we love this juicing machine, so do most of the people that own one.  Veggie Files juicer ratings have this ranked as the best centrifugal juicer that you can buy, and we agree with that sentiment.  Below are just a few of the reasons that make this one of our favorite workhorses in the kitchen.

It has an extra wide chute right at the center of the shredding disc. Owing to this feature, the juicer can accept materials from the side as a way of increasing the disc’s shredding power. Incredible strength and sheer speed enables users to extract juice out of hard vegetables like carrots with admirable ease. You do not even have to chop food before feeding it into the chute as the ultra-sharp discs are better suited to that task.

The cutting disc is plated with titanium to make it safer to use as it prevents leakage of harmful compounds into your juice. It has a micromesh filter that makes sure you get the most juice out of your food. This can be proven by the dry pulp that goes into the pulp container as you juice. The filter is made out of stainless steel to increase its durability compared to other brands whose mesh must be replaced every six months.

This juicer has 2 speed controls and 1000 watt viable motor which runs at 6500 0r 13000 RPM. This feature allows you to choose the ideal juicing speed depending on what you are juicing. The lower speeds are ideal for softer foods like greens while you need the discs to spin faster if you want fine juice out of apples. One of the drawbacks of all of this power is that it is not going to be the most silent juicer out there.  While it is relatively quiet for its speed, it is going to make some noise.  If this is an important factor for you then a masticating juicer is going to better serve your needs, although it won’t be as fun to operate.

The juicer comes with a juicing pitcher to collect the juice and a pulp container for the pulp. With these spare parts, this appliance certainly brings joy to juicing by reducing the mess. Once you are done though, there is no need to worry about cleaning as all the parts are dishwasher safe.

If you are already tired of the same juice recipe you will be happy to receive the book that comes with Breville 800JEXL. It is full of incredible twists to ordinary recipes that make juicing an experience to look forward to.


· highest ranked centrifugal juicerThe juicers incredible speed makes users happy because it reduces the average wait time for a pitcher of juice.

· Many customers are excited that the juicer doesn’t vibrate or splatter as they juice.

· The parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for effective clean up.

· Despite the high speeds, the juice extractor doesn’t heat up your ingredients. This is important as people want to preserve nutrients, enzymes and flavor no matter how fast they can extract juice.

· Strong, durable, and beautiful construction means that you can rely on it to produce quality juice and adorn your space for years.


Despite all the acclaim that this juicer receives, it also comes with some downsides:

· Some customers feel that the price tag it a bit high but the quality makes it worth the sacrifice.

· There are people who complain about the poor seal which causes juice to squirt out of the juicing bowl. Others suggest that the pulp container could use a drip-stop feature as it is quite hard to line up.

· Customers who are concerned about aesthetics do not like the fact that the pitcher gets discolored after some time as some of the vegetable juices can cause some staining.

· Noisy compared to other types of juicers.  This is why we love it, but if you are concerned about waking the whole house then this is not the best choice.

· Breville 800JEXL juicer is rather large and heavy but that is a small price that your countertop has to pay for you to enjoy high yield and quality.

– While you can juice kale, it is not the best performer when it comes to leafy vegetables.

Juicing is a great way to improve your daily diet and make up for years of poor eating habits, so having one of these in the kitchen is a good idea.  That is why we recommend the 800JEXL.  Despite some of its weaknesses that are easy to overlook, there are few other juicers that come close to this model. It is efficient, strong and durable but so easy to use that it doesn’t intimidate the novice. Unlike any other juicer this masterpiece from Breville will surely spoil you for the creative juice it will help you make every day.

Running Stroller Tips That We Put Into Practice Every Day


Jogging strollers are terrific for exercising with the family. We use them with our little ones and we see other families enjoy them when we were out with the truck. While they can be extremely rewarding and help you meet your fitness goals, they can also be a little bit dangerous if you are not careful. We are, after all, carrying some pretty precious cargo, so it is vital to have a grasp on the best way to operate these types of strollers. When we first started training with our stroller we went looking for our own tips to make sure we were using our jogger correctly and not putting anyone in harm’s way, ourselves included. So we thought we would pass along the favor.

We highly recommend this type of family exercise for anyone looking to get back into shape, lose some weight, reduce some stress, and get the kids out of the house for an hour or two. Any kind of activity has inherent risk, but taking the proper precautions can greatly reduce it. For the sake of both the one that is running as well as the one that is riding, we put together a few tips to help keep everyone upright and safe.

Safety Tips & Best Practices

  • Avoid using a jogging stroller with a newborn. Generally, necks of babies start getting firm at around 6months of age. Babies below such an age are likely to get hurt if you jog with them. If you really have to jog with such a baby, ensure that the stroller allows the baby to recline for the whole body to rest comfortably.
  • Before beginning to jog, ensure the buckle of the baby’s safety belt is locked. This should be crosschecked severally as you jog since the baby might unlock it as he/she plays with it.
  • Find a suitable route. Avoid busy roads and sidewalks. This is to prevent accidents with traffic or the need to slow down as you overtake pedestrians which would ruin your jogging. Avoid rough and bumpy surfaces. Paved recreational paths are the best to use.
  • Most jogging strollers have a wrist strap. Be sure to use it especially while jogging downhill. If something happens and you let go of the stroller, the wrist strap secures it ensuring safety for the baby.
  • In case you stop, ensure that the wheels are locked. Most jogging strollers are designed with a lever that locks the rear wheels.
  • It is advisable to use both hands to push the strollers. However, this is rather uncomfortable while jogging. You can use one hand at a time but alternate uniformly to avoid straining one arm. Always use both hands while on a hill or when negotiating a corner.
  • It is common for people to use headphones to listen to music while jogging. This is not advisable especially while using a jogging stroller. You should remember that you are responsible for two people therefore you should be totally alert to avoid accidents with other road users.
  • Keep your jogging stroller in good condition. Lubricate moveable parts and ensure that nuts and screws are all tight. Check the condition of the wheels too. Keep them well inflated and replace worn out ones.
  • Watch your pace. Generally, you can run faster while jogging alone than when you are using a stroller. Run at a speed that you are able to maintain full control.
  • Dress yourself and your baby properly. Keep an eye on the heat and the sun conditions.
  • It is advisable to go for a jogging stroller with adjustable handlebars. This allows the user to set them at the most comfortable height and be able to maintain proper form while running.
  • Carry with you a few items that you might need if you will be out for hours. Such things include some food, water and diapers for the baby. You can also carry a rain cover and a sunshade if your jogging stroller does not have them.
  • If you can, avoid hills. Hills can be tough to climb, especially when you are carrying extra load. To prevent exhaustion, make room for breaks if you want to jog for a long distance.
  • Carry a small first aid kit to cater for possible injuries. In case of injury, see a doctor after administering first aid.

Worth The Effort

These are just some of things that we have learned along the way while using our BOB jogger. If you are interested in learning more, the latest jogging stroller ratings and reviews have all sorts of joggers for various types of budgets. They can be expensive, but they are tremendous for bringing the family together while providing superb health benefits. As long as you take the proper steps to lower the risks, the rewards will keep your family coming back for more.

Should You Get A Microwave Or A Toaster Oven?

Breville convection toaster ovenA lot of people would love to eat healthier, but time and convenience is often a deterrent. It is much easier to grab some fast food or order take-out, but that is not always the best dietary choice. Fortunately, both toaster ovens and microwaves have come a long way and offer a great alternative to slaving over a hot stove just to get a home cooked meal. When you are in charge of the ingredients, you have all the control with how healthy you end up eating. But if you had to choose only one, which one of these small kitchen appliances should you pick? We breakdown the major differences below.

If you were to ask someone to name the differences between a microwave and a toaster oven, he or she would not probably be able to do so. Although both a microwave and a toaster oven have an important place when it comes to ease of cooking and convenience, the average person cannot afford buying both, especially if we refer to more expensive, fashion-forward models. The natural question for any caveman would be; which one to choose? The answer is that you can have both if there is enough space and you get the chainsaw off of the counter.  Gouverneur Times toaster oven ratings is a good place to begin if you man up and decide to get a powerful mini oven that you can burn things in (on purpose) to go next to the food processor you use to shred any and everything you can get your hands on.

Countertop Convenience

First and foremost, countertop convenience: how much space is going to take either of the two? A toaster oven is typically more lightweight and compact in construction, having a more user-friendly design as well. If you are decided to ditch all those heavy gadgets in favor of lighter ones, a toaster oven is going to be infinitely more suitable for your needs. In most cases, microwaves require more countertop space, plus some headroom, which is going to be a great disadvantage if your cabinets are low.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, a microwave is clearly the winner, though there are models that still consume more than toaster ovens. On average, a toaster oven uses between 1,200-1,800 watts, while a microwave uses only 700-1,300 watts. While the difference is not that significant, a more energy efficient gadget will definitely help you avoid racking up monthly bills and saving money. If we compare each one with a typical oven, we will soon discover that a microwave uses approximately one third of its energy, while a toaster oven uses more than a half. If you are looking for an energy efficient unit, a microwave is the best way to go.

Heating Time

Oster toaster ovenAnother important factor you should necessarily keep an eye on when trying to decide which one to buy is heating time. Think about how you are going to use your microwaves or toaster oven once you have it. While a microwave oven is typically faster in heating, it does not compare to the toaster oven when it comes to the texture, consistency, and appearance of the foods. A toaster oven can distribute heat more evenly during the cooking process, which will automatically result in better-cooked foods, despite the longer heating time needed. As such, your baked potatoes will be soft and fluffy instead of hard and chewy, whilst your sockeye salmon will be flaky, not rubbery. If how your foods taste and look matters to you, a toaster oven is going to be ten times better than a microwave oven, but always remember that the heating time is going to be longer.


Many cooks are using toaster ovens for their ability to beautifully brown foods. Microwaves are not good at all when it comes to this aspect, so you should give up the idea of buying one if you want a gadget that can brown bread, pizzas, or even cookies. Toaster ovens are equipped with a broiler function that works similarly to a regular oven’s broiler, therefore browning your foods evenly. If you were lucky enough to get one of those more expensive models, a toaster oven will brown them much faster as well, not to mention that it will also handle bread heating and even crispy cooking, if you are planning to do any.

Large Meals

Cooking for a four-person household is decidedly difficult, particularly if you do not have the right gadget to help you handle the process. If you spend a lot of time cooking large foods, like turkey or chicken, a microwave oven is going to be a better option, especially if you go for a larger one where you can fit the dinner for four people at a time. On the other hand, a toaster oven might be just as good, and it will actually cook foods much better due to its broiler function that distributes heat evenly. As a matter of fact, deciding between a microwave and a toaster oven is a matter of preference when it comes to cooking meals.  You can even cook a small Thanksgiving dinner in a toaster oven and get pretty awesome results.

Keep in mind that most toaster ovens are generally just as capable as microwaves, and if you are willing to spend your money on a more expensive model, chances are that you will manage to do many other things a microwave cannot do. There are various types of countertop ovens as well that will offer you different capabilities that you may prefer.  You will definitely notice that price is not a deciding factor due to the fact that both toaster and microwave ovens sell for the same value in most cases, so you should always shop for quality while making sure to stay on budget if you cannot afford luxury.